Zourouna is a highly sought, Melbourne-based band specializing in Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean music. Their repertoire is uniquely entertaining with traditional and modern tunes from Turkey, Greece, Israel, Lebanon and Syria to name a few. Zourouna likes to take its listeners on a cultural journey with non-existent borders. Zourouna is a popular choice for weddings, corporate events, family functions and all special occasions. Recent notable local and international performances include the 2016 Brunswick Music Festival, the 2016 Victorian Multicultural Festival, and a wedding in Singapore in September 2016. Click here for further performances.


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Yuval Ashkar

Vocalist, Oud, Cumbus, Darbuka, Daf, Riq, Zarb

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Yuval Ashkar is a composer, oud ('ud) player, percussionist and internationally-acclaimed Middle Eastern musician. Yuval has evolved his unique style of oud playing through the synthesis of Turkish, Iraqi, Egyptian and North African musical influences and techniques. Yuval was born in Israel to an accomplished musical family. His father, from an Iraqi-Afghan background, a master trumpet player and teacher who performed with Israeli orchestras all over the world. Read more..


       Byron Triandafyllidis

Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki, Violin, Darbuka

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Byron Triandafyllidis is an Australian born of Greek descent Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and lover of the arts and sciences. His main instruments are stringed such as guitar, bouzouki, violin and oud but also percussion such as the Darbuka. He has performed at numerous festivals and events around Australia and New Zealand as well as in Greece. Read more..


 George El-Azar

Darbuka, Riq, Cajon, Bendir, Daf

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George El-Azar took an interest in percussion at an early age. Born and raised in Beirut Lebanon, he grew up immersed in traditional Middle Eastern music and culture. George's technique is influenced by authentic Arabic percussion fused with modernised Turkish technique to create his own unique sound. Read More..




Zourouna performing at the My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 DVD launch in Melbourne. Held at The Press Club and also featuring celebrity chef George Calombaris.


Zourouna has held residencies for over 12 months at various venues including:

  • Urchin Bar in Hampton St, Hampton

  • Surabaya Johnny's in St Kilda

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